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Walking the Heartland
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Our History

Doctors may have saved our hearts, but Walking the Heartland saved our lives.

Walking the Heartland is a community based non-profit organization that has been offering the gift of hope to heart disease patients, their families and caregivers.

Founded by Curt Herrman, Walking the Heartland was started by him after he had a heart episode in 2014. Through his experience he was grateful to the doctor and nurses who saved his life, but he kept thinking about how great it would have been to talk to someone who had been through the same experience.

That spring, his friend C.A. Quinn had a triple bypass surgery and Curt went over to talk to him and even though they were friends, they developed a closer friendship through their experiences.

Curt started talking with C.A. about a group and they both seemed to agree that this was needed.

With the assistance of Dr. Ranaweera and the Heart and Vascular Clinic and Curt's friend C.A. Quinn, Walking the Heartland was born.

February 2017 Curt and C.A. asked 2 other heart patients so join them at the first support group meeting. They spoke of their new feeling of well-being, their plans and hopes for the future - and with renewed happiness they spoke of their "mended hearts." They realized how wonderful it would be to provide support and help others facing the same experience.

Curt was interviewed by the Manhattan Mercury (local new media) and a story was run in Manhattan Health and Wellness magazine March 2017. Shortly after that he went onto KMAN In Focus and announced the support group.

They planned their membership contacts and with the aid of Mercy Medical Center Cardiac Rehab center making referrals.

The group has grown exponentially and as of November 2017 there are 24 members.

Walking the Heartland recognizes its role in facilitating a positive patient-care experience. We also offer services to heart patients through visiting programs, support group meetings and educational forums.
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